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Our mission is to ease the burdens of aging and provide peace of mind by using a holistic and caring approach to planning for life’s challenges. We work to preserve a family legacy and to enhance the quality of life for clients of all ages.

Who we are

Opened since 1996, we've helped with thousands of cases and work hard to provide the best possible service to people that need estate planning and other things concerning elder law.

Pixton Law Attorneys

What we do

We plan in advance, mainly naming the people you want to receive the things you own, and taking steps now to carry out your plan as easily as possible later. We also help with Veterans Aid and Attendance, Probate, Guardianship, and Medicaid eligibility.

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What to Expect from Pixton Law Group

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We offer full legal services over the phone, through video conferencing, and in person (with masks).

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Every case is unique. That's why our staff examines and handles every single one with the utmost importance and care to guarantee the best plan for each client.

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Get the best legal advice from our team who has a combined experience of over 45 years in elder law.

Practice Areas

–Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts,   Powers of Attorney, and Health   Care Advance Directives)
–Veterans Benefits Planning and   Eligibility
–Probate and Estate Administration
–Guardianship and Conservatorship
–Special Needs Trusts

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What Clients Are Saying

"Thanks for your fine work. It has been a pleasure to meet and work with you. It especially comforts me to know that our daughter will have someone not only professional but also personable, to turn to for guidance in the event of our deaths."
— Client April 2021

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“My research convinced me you represent the compassionate GOLD STANDARD for Elder Law legal advice”— Client, February 2019

"Tom, Thanks so much for helping us get our will in order. We appreciated your effort and expertise!"— Client, April 2020

"Your warmth & professionalism really helped us focus and clarifying details to help us formulate a great estate plan."— Client, January 2020

“Tom, you are 'Mr. Wonderful' Your great advice came with patience and kindness.  Thanks so much"— Client, March 2020

“Creating the TRUST, and how it was set up for the benefit of the three of us, has been especially rewarding. We feel very blessed, and give recognition to your work in the estate plan."— Client, June 2019

"You are what is an outstanding combination in the legal field, You are very intelligent and compassionate in your dealings with me as a client."— Client, November 2019

"This brief note is my way of saying 'thanks' for your ELDER LAW PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS..."— Client, February 2019

"I want to say I appreciate your help much.  I knew I could not do this myself."— Client, February 2020

"It was a huge relief talking with you. Thank you for your time. You and your staff are kind and thoughtful."— Client, March 2019

“Thanks again for your time and expertise today. I appreciate your excellence!”— Client, July 2019


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Leave your contact info and we will get back to you or you can call us directly at
(503) 968–2020 and schedule a free 10-minute consultation.
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